Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny World News from your local newspaper

There is a new AC in the city, and is called American Chronicle. But far from competing with Associated Content, American Chronicle can be used effectively for the PC Associated Content to conduct site visits to their own pieces.What is American Chronicle Associated Content? According to their website listed in the Resources section of this piece, American Chronicle is a "family of online magazines has writing opportunities with the Chronicle of America and 20 others affiliated online magazines throughout the United States and the world. "What do American Chronicle? Articles union in the country and allow their articles published in "appear in all major Internet search engines and many other major news aggregators like Google News, Topix, Lycos and other news aggregators.

"How do you apply to American Chronicle? Contact the editors of American Chronicle apply to become a regular contributor. Send links to some of his best pieces Associated Content, and discover in a week if you pay money approved.Does American Chronicle? No, American Chronicle does not pay its contributors, but the exposure and page views gained from news aggregators can be invaluable through the American Chronicle, which currently receives over 3.5 million visits each year. "The authors retain copyright of their work and may publish the identical article elsewhere if desired," American Chronicle, says on its page views website.How unit is American Chronicle Associated Content my items?

For an example of this in action as of this writing, Google News will = and type in "Halle Berry" in the search box. Observe the article entitled "Halle Berry New Music CD Reports can be an Internet hoax" with Halle Berry prominent picture next to him and American Chronicle and its new source.Currently grouped together with other articles of TMZ's article American Chronicle received a more prominent placement, due in part to the photograph submitted with the piece. Click the "Reports Halle Berry New Music CD can be an Internet hoax" and the piece is a minimum 300-word article by this reporter about the music hoax.At Halle Berry bottom the piece is a phrase that reads: "Read more here about music CD and decide if Halle Berry is a joke or not," that if you click on the link leads directly to Associated Content news article subject.So on the same, apply today at American Chronicle and enjoy higher content partners page views soon!